A Hyper text story.

The number...

I tried to call to Shirley's new number straight away. It took awhile before anybody answered. But it was just an answering machine: ”Hello! If you tried to contact Shirley Harrison or Frank Lambert, please try again later or leave your name and number after the tone. Thank you!”

When I closed my phone, I realized Shirley had recorded that greeting. We hadn't met for ages, that's why I couldn't recognize her voice too well anymore. And who was Frank Lambert? Her husband perhaps?

Shirley had turned 32 in last month. She had always wanted to get married before her 31st birthday, so this Lambert guy could really be her husband. I didn't want to think her anymore. After all, I was in the middle of moving away and there was other things to do than live in the past.

I took another look at the record in my hand. Should I take it with me or just leave it here?