A Hyper text story.

Take it...

To convince myself that some part of me really liked folk music, I started to sing Carole King's I Feel The Earth Move. No, no, nope. That just made me hungry, hungry for more powerful music and hungry for some food. Besides, I had never been much of a singer myself.

I left the record on the floor of my old living room and went to the kitchen. There was nothing else but a box of meatballs in my fridge and some orange juice. Well, at least I didn't have to leave much behind.

I took the box of meatballs and the drank some juice from the bottle. Ahhh, it was refreshing.

It was possible to see to the children's playground from my kitchen window. Like many times before, I watched the children play while I ate. And like many times before, I spotted little Henry there.

Henry. He wore a red shirt and blue trousers, his favourite clothes. Henry seemed very happy when he was sitting on the swing. It was just a month ago when I had been there, pushing Henry in the swing. He needed nobody to do that anymore. It felt somehow sad to me because I had enjoyed that and I believed he had felt the same.

In a little while I spotted Henry's mother there. She talked to other mothers beside the sandbox. She had a new hair colour, red, and a skirt with blue dots on it. Her hawk eyes were following her son. It had always made me wonder, how women like her could have sons like Henry. She was mean like a devil but Henry was nothing like that.

I drank what was left in the bottle and turned my back to the window. Tomorrow I wouldn't be there in that hole. In that hole where men like me were anything else but welcome. I knew I would find a new love in London.