A Hyper text story.


That wasn't Shirley's voice. In fact, I didn't know this woman at all. I had probably phoned to a wrong number.
”Hello? This is Melinda Stein speaking.”
”Um, hello. It's Colin Combs here. I've probably mistaken... I was trying to call to Shirley Harrison...” I hated the way how I always started to struggle in situations like this. However, Melinda Stein kept sounding nice and polite to me. She laughed warmly. ”Ms. Harrison doesn't live here anymore, but I can give you her number. You're not the first one who has called to me instead of her. Her number was changed when she moved”, Melinda Stein told me and continued: ”I can also give her address to you, if you wish to have it?”

One warm and happy minute later I had both Shirley's phone number and her new address.