A Hyper text story.

Her new address...

I took a second look at Shirley's address. I noticed she wasn't living on a good area. Poor Shirley, she had never liked my flat or this place. She had always wanted to have something better and now it seemed like she had failed. It felt like a bad idea to give her a call because she would have taken it as a joke.

Wishful Sinful by The Doors cut my thoughts. I used it as a ring tone on my cellphone. The call seemed to come from my sister, Sally.
”Yeah. What now, sis?” I couldn't hide from my voice that I wasn't too keen to talk with her. But she sounded more friendly than usual.
”I know this comes rather late. However, I wish, no, I'm begging you to consider the idea I told you about. Just think of it once more, please.”
She couldn't give up, she wanted me to move back to our parents place. Sally wanted me to take care of them. That wasn't all, of course. If I moved back there, she could live her own life spending less than a thought on our parents. Until this point it had been me who had visited regularly at their place.
”Look, sis, I've made my mind.”
I closed the phone before she had a change to continue. I really wanted to move away.

I tried to remember what I had been doing before all the fuss. The Carole King record – I needed to find out where it had came from. When I flipped the record again around in my hands, I remembered it. My old neighbour had used to play Corazón over and over again. Because I had wanted him to stop doing that, I had loaned the record from him. That crazy Hank Nightingale! He had an ant farm in his kitchen and thousands of weird habits.

Hank had passed away two years ago. He wouldn't need the record back any longer. Nevertheless, I could give the record to his younger brother.