A Hyper text story.

One eye...

I don't want to beg, but maybe you should take me out anyway”, Darling said. She sounded again like my mother. That was irresistible.
”Okay, but...”
”But what?”
”I'm actually moving to London right now. I should be there by tomorrow.”
”Fine. We'll meet there. I'll find you in my hands, scary little Colleen.”
I was surprised by that name. I hadn't heard it since my childhood, then it hit me: Darling Butts wasn't a stranger to me. ”Darling Mann! You little devil!”
Her laughter danced in the air. ”You remembered.”
”Of course and I never should have forgotten you. You know, I fancied you when I was a little boy.” It was a happy moment, full of bright and sweet memories. Darling and I chasing each other on a field, Darling and I stealing apples, Darling and I seeking toads...
”I knew it. When my mother married her second husband and we moved away, I was worried about you. You were so love sick!”
I couldn't but smile. ”Yeah, I missed you so much that my mother had to force me to eat before I starved myself. Are you really going to London too?”
”Yes, but not just because of you. My office is moving there and I'm following it.”
”Splendid”, I said and promised to meet her there as soon it was possible to both of us.

I put that old Carole King record on the pile of my other records and started to carry my stuff away. I had a feeling that I hadn't listened that record with a right person ever before. My heart was full of joy and anticipation.