A Hyper text story.

My sister's giggle...

It was something in this woman's laugh that bothered me. That something was probably the giggle part. My sister had laughed like that at me, when I had tried to prove my wide knowledge for her and everybody else. She had just gained high results in the IQ test then and she was very proud of it. She was 15, I was ten and very eager to show my cleverness in a TV quiz show. I asked her to test me before the eyes of our family and I failed big time. Her giggle hurt me like a snake bite.

I realized I hadn't been listening to the woman on the phone.
”Yes, I'm still here. Excuse me but could you repeat what you just said? The line is poor.” I didn't actually care what she was going to say, but I never wanted to sound impolite.
”I asked if you wanted your jacket back. You left it to me in that party. I could give it back to you, if we'll meet again.” She sounded very nice, warm and sweet but I couldn't stand her giggle. I decided to end the call as soon as possible.
”Well, you have my number. If you miss your jacket someday just call to me”, she said.
What a pathetic woman! I couldn't but smile, partly because of her attempt to get me there, partly because she made me feel myself wanted. I gave my thanks to her and wished her all the best.
I was alone again in my old flat that old Carole King record in my hand. I gave my one last look to it, and put it down on the floor. If I had loaned it from my landlord he would find it there. If I hadn't loaned it from him, who cared? Maybe the one, who would rent my old flat, was a folk music fan.

I took my box of winter clothes and records and left. I really wanted and needed a fresh start.