A Hyper text story.


It wasn't Shirley's voice but a woman's voice anyway. The sound of her voice was soft and tender. I was a little surprised because I had expected Shirley to answer. I told to this woman my name and asked if I could talk with Shirley.
”Shirley? I'm sorry mister Comb, but if you mean Shirley Winters, she hasn't lived here for two years.”
”For two years? Oh...” I wasn't sure what to say there. Was something bad happened to Shirley?
”She moved to a bigger apartment when little Maya was born. Of course you knew she is married now?”
”Of course... Yes, I'm her old friend, of course I knew that. I sent a wooden puzzle for her wedding present.” I realized how silly I must have been sounded. However, this woman on the phone didn't let me know if she thought so.
”That was from you? Ooh, I'll remember it! It was beautiful! It was very nice”, she kept a little pause and continued: ”I think we have met, mister Combs.”
”Is that so?”
”Yes, we've met. It was in Shirley's party a couple of years ago. We talked about puzzles back then too”, she said and laughed. Her laugh sounded like my mother's warm laugh mixed to a giggle of my sister.