A Hyper text story.

I Feel The Earth Move...

...I Feel The Earth Move was Shirley's favourite. Shirley, my ex-girlfriend, used to call it as our song. I couldn't help but smile, when I remembered her and how stubborn she was about it. She was always like that. Of course I knew very well it was actually a Carly Simon song that we heard on our first date. Every night it was played about the same time on that station, KFLO. My car radio couldn't be tuned to any other station. If I wanted some music, I had to take what they had there.

I went years back in my thoughts and stared into the blue eyes of Carole King on the record sleeve. It was funny how they looked like Shirley's eyes. Well, Shirley had often more anger in hers. On our first date she tried to adjust my car radio and when she broke it, it was of course my fault.

I laughed aloud. That situation felt more funny now than it was then. Shirley had been quite a character. I wondered if she still was.

I stood up with the record in my hand and picked my address book from my back pocket. I hadn't called to Shirley since her wedding three years ago. It just hadn't felt necessary. I kept thinking how important it was to let her know that I was moving - moving away from my old flat, away from its yellow wallpapers and leaking water taps. She would be happy to hear about it.

Finally: there was her phone number. I grabbed up my cellphone. 555 7609 8921...