A Hyper text story.

All too soon.

It was just then when I realized there was something that I had forgotten. From the corner of my eye I could see my calendar that I had left on one of my moving boxes. There was a note hanging on the calendar, a note I had left to myself. As a wise man I had figured that I wouldn’t remember the mothers’ day in the middle of this hustle. I had ordered – just like I had ordered a year ago and before – white roses to her grave. They would be waiting for me in the corner shop.

I decided to take a break and go to buy the roses. While I stepped out from my old home, the sunshine greeted me. The day was so lovely that I didn’t want to take my car.

The shop wasn’t too far away. After a five minutes walk I saw its brown brick walls, green front door and window full of mixed gadgets, toys, accessories and plastic fruits. Stephen, the owner of the shop, had bought it a few years ago from an old lady who had decorated that window. Because the customers had grown familiar with that window, Stephen had kept it as it was.

For my surprise the shop seemed closed. There was a light inside, but the front door was locked. I pulled it a couple of times as if my brain wouldn’t really believe that I couldn’t open the door. After that I tried to peek through the window to see if Stephen was there anyway.