A Hyper text story.


Clearly he wasn’t, since there were brown boxes of food in the middle of the floor, waiting somebody to unpack them. There was no sign of life inside. I started to get upset.

My heart skipped a beat when a hand landed on my shoulder. The hand belonged to a hairy man, who carried a guitar on his back. Although he smiled to me, I felt disgusted by him.
“Sorry about that – I wasn’t trying to sneak behind you like a thief”, the man said. He was taller than I and older too.
“That’s okay”, I said just like anyone with good manners. “Do you know why the shop is closed?” I asked.
The man gave me a long look. “Maybe the owner didn’t want to do as he always does? Who am I to tell? I’m just a player, you know.”
His answer what I had waited for. The smile on the man’s face grew bigger. “Maybe you too are getting sick to your everyday routines? Maybe this is a sign for you to do something different?”
“Maybe”, I said although I did disagree with him. It must have sounded from my voice but still he gave me his had and introduced himself as Carl.
“I want to play for you”, Carl told me.
Before I had a chance to do anything, the guy had already taken his guitar off his back and started to play it. At that moment I realized it was like a scene from a Fellini movie, bizarre and somewhat sweet. But if it had been from a movie, the next scene would have continued the story in a similar way. I had a feeling this scene wasn’t going to end like that. So I left it and walked on the edge of the stage.
“Yes?” My director looked at me from his seat.
“Does the character stay or leave this place? I can’t really find any point from this scene before you’ve revealed it to me”, I spoke to him in my own manner, not with a voice of my character.
Director, Mr. Harriman, shook his head. “I’m sorry, Diana is still working on the script”, he said and it sounded like he was sorry.
“Alright, let's start it again then – everybody, act one, scene one!”