A Hyper text story.

Keeping memory alive...

Although where would I put it? I would never listen it anyway. Besides, Hank had a younger brother, Mark, who could be interested in it. This brother lived in Hank's old flat.

I put my boxes down and took the record with me. It looked dead at Hank's place. It was all quiet there, and when I looked through the post hole, I saw nobody inside. A slight smell of rotten meat was in the air.

”Mark? Mark, are you there?”
Something in my mind told me I was in a wrong place at the wrong time. But I wasn't wise enough understand it. Then, all the sudden Hank's door opened before me.

Mark - he was standing there, looking down on me with his light grey eyes. He was pale and his clothes were shabby. The smell of rotten meat had gotten stronger.
”Hello”, I said, although I knew he wouldn't answer to it.
”I believe this was Hank's”, I told him and tossed the record at him.

When I was running away from Mark and that disgusting neighbourhood of ours, there was only two things in my mind. The first one was, was there any way to kill a zombie. The second one was, had I taken my pills on that morning. Surely I had taken them, but where was that axe of mine?